It’s been a busy week! I got back from Holland late Friday night after spending a few days hanging out with BlackBoxRed and giving a talk and workshop at the academievoorpopcultuur. The trip ended up being a bit special as we got to record in an incredible space in the city’s old prison!! We used the corridors for some beautiful natural reverb and had a bit of a mess around with some cool stereo mic techniques.

Also this week saw the release of Copenhagen’s self titled debut through our very own imprint. Theres only 100 of these available, all printed by my fair hands. Grab a copy from the SHOP .

And finally, I spent the weekend recording a new track with Killington fall at the warehouse. The track is a bit of a monster, so much so that we were shut down by the council… Luckily we got what was needed done. The track should be out sometime in the new year.